Some nettles

In weeding around the vegetable beds, I have been repeatedly stung by a plant with pointed, serrated leaves and fine stingers along its stem. Each time a rash has appeared on my arm, and so I had taken a dislike to the plant. At Fedco this weekend, we were looking at some potted medicinal herbs:... Continue Reading →


We finally cooked the turkey we bought from Pat's Pastured in November. We intended to do it sooner, but it requires quite a bit of planning. First, the turkey must be taken out of the freezer at least three days ahead, in order for it to become totally defrosted (something we discovered one year, to... Continue Reading →

Ambivalent carnivores

Spending time with those two cows last weekend pushed us just a little closer to vegetarianism. I tried to picture the cows as a food source; instead I thought of their big eyes, how they ran to us when it was time for to come in for their dinner, and hung their heads expectantly (trustingly)... Continue Reading →

A taste of summer

In addition to the "high bush" blueberries we picked and froze (which we've been enjoying in muffins and pancakes), I bought a large bag of wild Maine blueberries on our trip in September. Wild Maine blueberries are tiny and tarter than the large varieties we grow. They make excellent pies, and in honor of our... Continue Reading →

The cheese experiment

Two years ago I gave my sister a cheese-making class for her birthday. It was scheduled for two half days one weekend in July 2010. I ended up having to work that weekend so Cherisse went with her in my place. The class sounded fabulous. The teacher, a master cheese maker from Narragansett Creamery, taught... Continue Reading →

Good food

My grandfather declared every dinner my grandmother made “the best damn meal he’d ever had,” often adding, “You can’t get a meal like this in a restaurant.” My grandmother liked to eat out on occasion, and take a break from cooking, so of course they went. But as far as my grandfather was concerned, restaurant... Continue Reading →

Some things you never learn

What is it about making cookies that encourages overindulgence? The cookie batter and the countless “test cookies” inevitably lead to that queasy feeling when you ask yourself, yet again, “why did I do it?” Last night we began our holiday cookie baking—we usually make about 8-10 different kinds. These we assemble in tins for our... Continue Reading →

Our future

For breakfast this morning we had a favorite---blueberry muffins* and scrambled eggs. The eggs and blueberries are our own (the blueberries were picked in July and frozen), and the milk is from RI farms. We make a conscious effort to eat as locally as possible, and we think about where all of the other food... Continue Reading →

Saturday Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving meal is one of my favorites---turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes*, a vegetable or two, and lots of desserts no one has room for, but somehow manages to eat just the same. Yesterday was my second Thanksgiving meal. The same group of friends---with some new ones scattered in---gathers eagerly each year... Continue Reading →

Food, glorious food

Food has come up a lot this past weekend (well really, food is one of my favorite things, and it does manage to come up a lot). Mark Bittman, author of many wonderful cookbooks and intelligent commentator on the politics of food, had a good piece in the NYT Sunday Review: 25 reasons to give... Continue Reading →

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