Make your own

For years, to save money, I would purchase a plain balsam wreath and add my own selection of cuttings from plants and trees to make it fuller and more decorative. Then I discovered URI's Master Gardener poinsettia and wreath sale, an annual fund raiser. The focus was on the unusual, and spectacular, array of poinsettias.... Continue Reading →

Revisiting old friends

Over many, many years Cherisse and I have collected Christmas ornaments. A few are family treasures but most have been chosen by us, one by one. A rust colored iron cutout of a cowboy on a horse from a trip to Sante Fe. Glass ornaments in different shapes and colors hand blown by various artists.... Continue Reading →

Magical worlds

In almost every room of our house there are bookcases filled with books. They cover a wide range of topics that have caught our interest: plenty of novels, mysteries and spy stories, biographies, history, gardening, woodworking, reference books, beautiful leather-bound books on music and poetry that my grandmother treasured, and children's books. When my sister... Continue Reading →

Just around the corner

I don't like moving onto Christmas until December rolls around, but I was at Appleland buying apples, and so I selected four wreathes for the barn doors. Last night Cherisse and I picked the photos for our holiday card. And a new Christmas cd just arrived in an Amazon delivery, so of course I am... Continue Reading →

O Tannenbaum

This will be our eighth Christmas in Foster. The first two years we cut our tree at a lovely old farm the next road over. Sadly for us, the owners were retiring (they had ceased to plant new trees a few years before and simply sold what remained in their fields). For our third Christmas... Continue Reading →

What a fool I was…

Why did I hold out for so long? The stove is fantastic! The house is filled with warmth. The oil heat doesn't kick on. We have a device a friend had given us that provides all kinds of climate information including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Next to the indoor temperature reading there is... Continue Reading →

Of mice and traps

Everything looks different in the dark. We take the path through the woods at least twice every day, but just now, as I tried to make my way in the dark, I wandered off the trail several times. Koa could have guided me, but she went no further than the top of the hill—leaving me... Continue Reading →

New York City rain

I am in New York on a rainy day. The rain isn't heavy, but the wind renders the umbrella fairly useless---at times you can't keep it up because of the gusts; when it does stay up, it simply doesn't provide enough coverage since the rain is coming from different directions. On a day like this... Continue Reading →

Practical warmth

Practicality has finally won out. We bought a wood stove today. Our fireplace is in the half of the house built in the 1740s, and it is quite large, with a beehive oven to the side of it, and an iron bar that swings out, for hanging cookpots. For seven winters I have enjoyed roaring... Continue Reading →

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