Life by the water

Four seals fished in the water below our window this morning. They would appear, swimming next to or around each other; then suddenly one would dive under in a small, fluid movement. Too soon they had moved out of sight, headed toward the Deer Isle bridge.

From Bluff cottage
Seal’s head and loons

Loons have also passed by, diving down for food and then reappearing some distance away. I love being right by the ocean. It offers a completely different kind of peace than the woods at home…although we do have the Ponaganset river running through our property. More like a stream most of the year, at certain times it rages dramatically. In spring, with the snow melt and early rains, the water thunders through an opening in the old dam, circling around trees that are normally well away from the water’s edge.

At one time there was a water wheel, generating power to operate a grist mill and a saw mill. The mill pond, created by the dam, is home to snapping turtles, and last summer we saw a beaver swimming around in it. We watched him for days and then lost track of him; we haven’t seen him since, but he might be living with his family further downstream. Many transient birds such as ducks and herons make a stop at the river; we disturb them when we walk the dogs by, and they take flight.

For a few days we will enjoy the Eggemoggin Reach instead of our river, watching its ocean life and passing schooners.